About me

What I’m doing now

Currently helping interesting people and teams solve their interesting problems: figuring out what they want to communicate, do and become, and helping them get better at it, day by day.

Working on a few of my own projects as well, including creating an online communication course that doesn’t suck. I promise it will not be delivered in an unreasonably enthusiastic tone.


Short bio

Trainer of public speaking, argentine tango and activism. Using all three for a unique method of how to do, talk and dance your way through most situations.

Over the past decade or so, I’ve regularly worked with a number of big names as they say, including Microsoft, Amazon, some of the largest regional banks (because size matters when you’re a consultant), telecom operators, global advertising agencies etc. with everyone from juniors to C- level execs. Most of the work I’m not really allowed to tell you about, which makes me cool and mysterious.

Taking part in building one of the largest Argentine tango organizations in the world, Institute Tango Natural. We are transforming Belgrade into the youth tango capital of the world, through several projects without precedent, including a free tango school for high school students and incorporating tango into primary schools. Write to me if you need advice on how to make it happen in your own neighborhood or would like to support our projects.

About a decade ago I ran an organization, School of Activism, in which hundreds of students devised and implemented dozens of ideas to make reality a bit better, as well as experimental workshops for learning English through roleplay. I hope one day I will integrate all of this, as well as dance, communication skills etc. into the official educational system, so that the next generation can have a school that I wish I had.

Supported the TED & TEDx community through speaker training. Worked individually with over 100 speakers in 10 conferences over the past decade. Currently in a love-hate relationship with TED.

Here’s a short clip in English covering one of the workshops I regularly do with clients. Here’s some more stuff about my work and approach (Pojacalo, Pojacalo specijalk/talks), currently only in Serbian. Sorry. Here are also a few clips of my tango performances (some improvisations and some choreographies) to make you less sad.

Graduated from Japanese Language and Literature at Belgrade University. The diploma has been very useful as a conversation starter.

Linkedin in case you’re into that sort of thing.

Contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, cool ideas etc.